Ryan Mak

Ryan Mak


Back Squat (325 lbs), Front Squat (300 lbs), Clean and Jerk (235 lbs), Snatch (185#), Fran (2:41)
Average Finish in the 90th percentile in the CrossFit Open Men's Individual Division last 6 years (2016-2021)


CrossFit Level 1 Certification (CFL1)
CrossFit Level 2 Certification (CFL2)
Medical Doctor (M.D.)

About Coach

Growing up I played basketball, football, and baseball both on school teams and club teams. Athletics was a large part of my life because it kept me safe, made me aware of my health, shaped my character, gave me confidence and resiliency, and most importantly provided me a sense of team and community. Always a little undersized for these typical sports, I did everything I could to maximize my athletic abilities. I quit eating at fast-food restaurants and drinking soda in the 6th grade. I spent all day after school at the local YMCA working out, playing basketball, and swimming. It was in high school that I realized that I loved athletic training and the process of improving intentionally each day more than I did playing the actual sport. While still enjoying football and basketball, I shifted my focus to exercise for health. My senior year of high school (2009), one of the faculty strength and conditioning coaches introduced me to a "new CrossFit workout" called Fran. We did it together and it took me 11 minutes. I truly discovered CrossFit in 2014 while living in Spokane, Washington. I have not looked backed since! <br /> <br /> As a coach, I hope to emphasize that training and working out, while challenging, can also be a lot of fun especially when surrounded by a supportive community of people desiring the same goals: to maximize their physical, mental, and spiritual fitness in order to live the best lives possible with their loved ones!

Turning Point

When I was in the 5th grade, a good friend and teammate of mine was shot and killed. I remember being not only devastated but lost in how to react. While I was not able to articulate it as a 9 year old, looking back on that experience made me strive to find what gave my life meaning and passion. Giving myself to sport and athletic training in the days, months, and years afterwards was not simply a distraction. It was a place of refuge, it was a home base when everything else in life was unpredictable, it was a loving of my one body that I was given to live this life, it was a space where I could physically, mentally, and spiritually give it "all I had" because words could not express what I was going on inside of me.

Motivation & Passion

I love coaching because I believe in the power of movement. There is no end to the amazing health benefits of physical activity whether that hour in the gym or 20 minute walk outside in solitude or with your best friend. One group I'm passionate about coaching is older adults (One of my plans as a physician is to work in Geriatrics!). A period of life often characterized by decline, I love getting an opportunity to emphasize that it's never to late to get started and there is always something you can do regardless of your age, experience, or baseline ability. I believe sharing the gift of health is the best way I know how to tell someone "I care about you!"

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