Abbie Glenn

Abbie Glenn

Head Nutrition Coach, Programming and Crossfit Coach

Squat: 225 lbs, Clean: 175 lbs, Clean and Jerk: 175 lbs, RX Grace: 3:32


CrossFit Level 2 Certification, USAW Weightlifting Level 1 Certification, Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach, PN Nutrition Level 1

About Coach

In 2016 I was a stay at home mom with two beautiful children. I started CrossFit so that I could have more energy and keep up with my then 6 month and 2.5 year old kids. I did not realize at that time how passionate I would become about movement and helping others. I have always been active ranging from high school sports (water polo and swimming) to yoga and running. It was not until I found CrossFit that I found a true passion for fitness. This passion drove me to want to help others with their fitness goals.

Turning Point

Being at home with my kids is such a privilege. I have never regretted leaving my other career in account management to be at home with them but not having a "career" was hard for me. I began CrossFit when my second child was 6 months. CrossFit quickly became an outlet for me multiple times a week. I had personal goals and it was time that I could focus on ME. The more I came, the more passionate I became about movement and helping others achieve sustainable change and wellness in their lives. Becoming a CrossFit Coach and going on to get certifications in Weightlifting and Nutrition have given me opportunities I never thought were possible.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about helping people be successful in the gym and with nutrition so that they can be happier at home, at work and in their life overall.

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