Gio Salazar

Gio Salazar


Ability to teach movement, and connect their awareness to themselves while learning more about their newly found fitness ability through humor, and hands on learning.


CFL1, CFL2, CFGymnastics, CFkids, USAW-L1, CFMobilty, Running/Endurance coach

About Coach

Using a deep bag of cues, language, humor, and physical cues learned via coaching kids all the way to geriatrics I have learned that there is no one way to teach a single movement since everyone learns at their own speed. Listening, and understanding what people are saying, and not doing aides in the learning to teaching Skillset that I have acquired for over three decades of my career that I have not stopped loving. <br /> Imparting knowledge is what I love. Having the student (myself included) learn new ways of performing new skills and tasks is why drives me to better myself and empower those that trust me with their health.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

Understanding that learning to being Healthy is a lifetime of choices made on a daily basis is the underpinnings of success. There are ebs and flows to life and Health is at the top of your ability. You just need a little nudging with the proper guidance it can be achieved.

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